Multi-titled Peruvian breeder coming to PH


If you are a Filipino lover or would-be lover of the Peruvian Navajero, then, this is your chance to establish or enhance your credentials as breeder and raiser of Peruvian Navajeros.

Rafael Bazan, a multi-titled Peruvian breeder of Peruvian Navajeros is coming to the country in January to join RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology in their booth at the World Gamefowl Expo and also to hold discussions/seminar on the fascinating Peruvian Gamefowl.

The Peruvian gamefowl has in recent years attracted the fancy of many Filipinos. Thus many are taking advantage and selling non-authentic Peruvians. There are many “bogus” breeders of Peruvians. Others are honest-victims of sellers abroad of low quality Peruvians. It is not too late to correct. You can learn from a real expert and be regarded by potential buyers as genuine and knowledgeable breeder of Peruvian Navajeros.


Perubliz, a blend of Peruvian and Blakliz, a premium bloodline of RB Sugbo GT (You may click image for more info).

You are welcome to ask questions that Bazan will answer during the forum or suggest additional topics. The topics so far:

1.What really is Peruvian Navajero;  2. Secrets on how to recognize a good authentic Peruvian;  3. Who are the real top breeders in Peru and what are the top strains; 4, How to import direct from Peru; 5. Secrets on how to select good Peruvian brood fowl; 6. Secrets on mating methods and systems; 7. Brooding and raising techniques; 8. Conditioning and fighting the Peruvian; 9. Tying the knife;10. Why Peruvians are mostly confined in small stalls.

Complete details about the forum to follow soon. Or you may email for more info.

To help us make the forum successful you may ask question and suggest additional topics on the comments section below.


One thought on “Multi-titled Peruvian breeder coming to PH

  1. You may ask questions or suggest topic. Post them here as comments.


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