Roosterman 41

Read Roosterman No. 41 and see why Roosterman E-Mag is the most read game fowl magazine in the world. Not just because it is totally free and accessible from anywhere in the world, being online, but mainly because of its contents.

In this issue you will get to know Ms. Sheryll Sampang, a beautiful addition to the game fowl sport and industry. She’s the lady on the cover. Read and see what “She” has got to offer.

This issue also features an application of Apple for sabungeros that is based on nature, the moon’s cycle. Also included is a decade-old study by RB Sugbo on the game fowl natural biorhythm. this issue is mostly on raising good chickens the way of nature.

And for Peruvian lovers, read how muti-titled Peruvian breeder Rafael bazan debunks the notion that in Peru breeders don’t inbreed the Peruvian game fowl.

To read click RI 41 or click cover below

RI 41-1 copy 2


Enjoy reading. Thanks for forwarding Roosterman to contacts and friends.



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