Lessons & Tour 2 deadline set

Join PMA Lessons and Tour 2 and also witness the World Gamefowl Expo in Cebu

The 2nd staging of PMA Live is schedule for Oct. 4, 5 & 6, 2013 in Cebu to coincide with the World Gamefowl Expo that will also be held in the Queen City of South. Deadline for registration: Aug. 30, 2013.

There will be sessions to be conducted at the World Expo with celebrity guest speakers.

The first staging on Feb 8,9 10, 2013 was successful, but the coming 2nd edition promises to offer more lesson.

Some of the topics and activities of PMA Lessons and Tour 2:

•             Rooster Biotechnology—Natural way of game fowl raising

•             Pyramid Conditioning and Power Pointing

•             Three supplementation methods of conditioning and pointing — thenatural; the mainstream; and the extreme.

•             Scientific body moisture management from shell to pit

•             Nutrition and medication and digital presentation on raising game fowl from mating-egg gathering-incubation-brooding- ranging to harvest.

•             At-farm demonstration of facilities and training exercises.

•             Actual demonstration on selection based on traits and characteristics and sparring ability.

•             Fight day management and handling

•             Knife tying demonstration

•             Inspirational lectures by invited celebrities.

•             Raising game fowl for livelihood

•             Other topics during an open forum and question and answer session.

Lessons are  tri-lingual— in English, Filipino and Cebuano. The semi-formal conduct of classes ensures that students understand the lessons.

Tulad ng naunang Lessons and Tour last Fedruary, meron ding farm based lessons and demonstrations. At may mga classroom lessons. Holistic po ito, from mating to fighting.  Kasama na ang lesson on knife tying.

Three stages po and Lessons and Tour 2. Una may mga i-email tayo na mga lessons para lahat ay handa na pagdating sa actual seminar at hindi tayo magaksaya ng panahon.

During the actual seminar, may additional lessons, mostly practical na at saka mga demonstration kung paano gawin ang mga gawain. Pagkatapos may post graduation consultation pa tayo. Ang mga graduates ay maaring mag email samin anytime para sumangguni. Nais po natin na ma transfer talaga ang technology to the participants.

P4,500 po ang contribution to cover accommodation (dormitory type lang, although updates are available) sa Sugbotel; meals; transportation from one venue to another; entrance to the World Gamefowl Expo; and other incidental expenses. Deadline of registration will be Aug. 30 kasi mag start na tayo mag email lessons by September. Limited po ang slots kaya mas maige na magpareserve ng maaga. Reservation deposit is P1,000 (non refundable but deductible from the P4,500 total contribution).

On behalf po sa mga kasamahan natin, we hope to see you at PMA Lessons and Tour 2.

(More info …. http://rbsugbo.wix.com/pma-live#!pma-live-2/cnv1)



2 thoughts on “Lessons & Tour 2 deadline set

  1. Antonio Molas says:

    thank you for the info but I am planning to sent my breeder diyan sa seminar ninyo kaso lang wala siyang alam sa internet and I just want himt o learn as

    much as he can pick up sa school, I am overseas but I would like him to teach some lesson so I can produce good and quality birds. How could I sent the

    money to you, I will sent down payment then the balance I sent it thru him during the start of the lesson.

    thank you again.


    • Thanks kamana Tony,

      Your handler may join and attend the actual seminar on Oct. 4, 5 & 6. He can witness the World Gamefowl Expo too and learn additional info from the exhibits. He will miss the lessons online. We anticipate something like this, so part of our offer is to also send the online lessons to the owner. The owner then will also have ideas on how to manage a farm. Even if the handler avails of the online lessons, the owner will still receive the lessons.

      At any rate, participants will be filling up forms, and we will pay special attention to those who need it. In our effort to effectively transfer technology,we will do our best that participants get enough.

      We will send an email re the details of cash remittances.

      God Bless


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