Roosterman No. 25

What kind of a game fowl breeder are you? Game fowl breeders can be grouped by purpose; scale of operation or status. They can also be classified by essence: the creator or the replicator. The cover story of this issue of Roosterman discusses these two types.

Other features in this issue: Breeding techniques; Effect of lighting; Natural chicken raising; facilities; King of the World Slasher; and many more.

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roosterman 25

roosterman 25 cover

Through an online “promote” mechanism as many as 75 thousand sabungeros on the web could read this copy of Roosterman. Wow, E-marketing can target appropriate market identified by subject of interest.

Also thanks for your support in forwarding Roosterman to contacts and friends. The voice of the common sabungero is getting louder and louder.



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