Roosterman No. 21

Roosterman No. 21 To read please click.. here Roosterman 21

Roosterman No. 21

To read Roosterman No. 21 please click here Roosterman 21.



4 thoughts on “Roosterman No. 21

  1. erwin Llovido says:

    hello roosterman, thank you for sending me this article, it is so informative and entertaining, hope you continue sending us this kind of reading materials, MERRY CHRISTMAS


  2. Rozaldo Mercado (DHP) says:

    Hi Mr. Roosterman,

    Good day! Hope all is well with you. I am a beginner in the sports of Sabong, I would like to ask a favor if you could provide with us the 21 days conditioning program such as feeds, multi vitamins and injectibles.

    I was on vacation last month in Philippines and fought plenty of hack fights but ended up more on losing sideā€¦.please help me to provide a good 21 or 14 days conditioning programsā€¦thank you very much and have a nice cocking day.


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