Roosterman No. 20; Oct 2012

Read Roosterman No. 20.

Lance de la Torre on Gameness; Dr. Andrew Bunan on purifying bloodlines; Rey Bajenting on conditioning.  MANA dispersal, Man0k academy on Sabong Radyo … Also the cover story: PH is cockfighting industry center of the world. And many more .

RI 20 new draft-1


12 thoughts on “Roosterman No. 20; Oct 2012

  1. ramos bacala says:

    yan ang idol ko.god bles sa lahat ng lban.

  2. pilaf says:

    i completely agree with the promotion of thi magazine

    best regards from a friend from Peru

  3. ayan says:

    i cant download the file.file is damaged.any suggestions??

  4. jonatha e. says:

    good day sir. can you please send to my email add the’s my email add thanks alot and godbless

    • Jonatha, Yes, we have sent the file to your email. Why? Were you not able to access the file from here? You may click the red button above that reads: “To read Roosterman No. 20 click here.”

  5. Bongski says:

    Thanks for another informative issue of Roosterman International. Please keep it coming. Mabuhay po kayo!!

  6. bandido says:

    Roosterman! isang pong makabuluhang babasahin ng mga magmamanok .. nagbibigay kaalaman at impormasyong lubos na nakakatulong..isang malaking boses ng masang magmamanok upang mapanatili ang ating kuturang ito.Mabuhay po kay at more power !!!


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