Special Report: Breeder accuses TV host of swindling

The special report by Roosterman on the controversy that erupted between Famous breeder Bernie Tacoy and Tukaan TV host Mayet Gorgonia is now in circulation.

Read it… just click http://masangnagmamanok.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/spcl-report-1-final.pdf

Tacoy accused Gorgonia of conniving with one James Morales in swindling him. Gorgonia denied the charge.

There must be more to it than the heated and emotional arguments of supporters of both sides posted on the web. Roosterman tried to dig deeper to find the untold facts and scenarios of the case. Where it all began; what happened in between; and the legal cases that might result in the end.

A very composed Gorgonia, determined to clear her name, faced Roosterman for an exclusive interview, on the evening of Thursday, Dec. 28, in Cebu City.  In the course of the interview, Gorgonia said that she was a victim, first of James Morales and now to character assassination.

Read it… just click http://masangnagmamanok.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/spcl-report-1-



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