World Expo o International Festival?

Sa nakaraang mga araw halos sabay na idinaos ang World Gamefowl Expo sa World Trade Center at ang International Gamefowl Festival sa Araneta Coliseum. Saan kaayo nagpunta? Or Nagpunta kayo sa dalawa? Alin po ang mas maganda?

May munting poll po tayo pakisagot nyo lang po. Maraming salamat.

Roosterman 38

Read one of the most explosive issues of Roosterman E-Mag. Controversial Peruvian breeder Ron Giron fires at detractors with all guns ablaze. Also read how a recipient of RB Sugbo/MANA gamefowl dispersal program won the EVGBA Breeder of the Year award. Learn from Hoa Kien Phan about the Peruvians. Know the legend Mike Ratliff, he’s has returned.

RI 38

RI 38 cover


Bakbakan Na tackles conditioning

bak adjusted

bak adjusted


Why is it better to have different sizes and designs for your conditioning pens? Why put the rooster in the scratch box? Why kahig is a good exercise? Why active rest?….  In every answer to every question , the guest co-host states not just the how, but the why so you will know the reason for every activity in conditioning the game fowl for battle…. Don’t miss. View this video…

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